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English | 中野区 中野駅|東京歯周病吉田歯科クリニック|歯周病専門医・インプラント・歯医者

Hi, Future patients

This is Tokyo Periodontics Yoshida Dental Clinic.

Thank you for visiting our clinic page. Here is Tokyo Periodontics Yoshida Dental Clinic for the patients especially who need Periodontal treatment and Dental Implant. We are also open for patients who needs General dental treatment.

Dr. Yoshida is a director of Yoshida Dental Clinic and specialist of Periodontology and Implantology in The United States. He graduated and finished three years postgraduate program of Periodontology and implantology at University of Florida in 2022. And he is active member of American Academy of Periodontology. He was trained well and worked hard in Japan as General Dentist for the past about 10 years before going to University of Florida.It could be said that he is kind of General dentist specialist also.

If you have some trouble with your mouth condition, please feel free to contact us.

In this clinic your appointment will be booked by only your phone call in yourself especially on the first visit.

Please feel free to call us! 

TEL 03(5942)6321

Thank you so much!

We are looking forward to meet you soon. He

can provide quality of American professional dentist in Japan very near from your home.

Morio Yoshida